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do you want to get better at
learning, living, and reproducing
the ways of jesus?
Do you ever feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or stuck in your relationship with God and your spiritual growth?
Do you have the tools and resources to know how to consistently progress and become more like Jesus?
Do you ever feel like you don’t know what your practical next steps are in your faith?
Have you ever wanted to have someone coach and disciple you in certain areas of your faith?
Learn how to fully obey the
command of Jesus.
Become disciplined
in seeking God.
Understand what authentic
biblical community is.
Learn how to live
on mission.
Help yourself become
Disciple Making
Learn how to really make
Start mapping out your
discipleship journey today!
Take The Assessment
Do you know where to start?
Do you know what do you?
Are you hesitant about your ability to make disciples?
As a Disciple Maker
A clear overview of where your disciples are in key areas of their spiritual life.
Give You
Next steps of where they could use focused mentoring and discipleship.
Teach You
How to make well rounded, multiplying disciple-makers.
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